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Free Video Lessons

Here's feedback about our tutorials:

I just finished watching the video you made for embird basics. I’ve had embird for a year now and am amazed at all the new stuff I learned. I loved the video! I’m looking forward to your learning to digitize video. Kimberly – Tampa, FL

I absolutely love your style and delivery and info in the videos – it is just what I was looking for. I recently obtained Embird but felt that I did not know enough to really utilize all the functions of it. You have made it so clear and it will be fun to learn! Thanks – Jane

I've created some video lessons to share information with you and give you an idea of wh
at my video CD lessons are like.  I find I learn most quickly from SEEING things done and walking through things. You will need to have a broadband connection to view the videos here from my site.  Click on the link below to open that video. It will take several seconds for your computer to download the video and begin playing it.  The videos play on standard Windows Media Player software that comes preloaded in Windows.  If there is something that you're having trouble with and I might be able to help by creating a tutorial, please email me and I'll see what I can do to help!

Viewing your CD video lessons

For My Stitching Sisters - Why I Created the CDs

Embird & Its Parts

When you purchase designs on CDs

Converting Designs Using Embird & Buzz Xplore - An example from Computer Basics & Beyond

 Working with zipped files - downloading, unzipping using & creating them to send to others

Changing Density in Embird - fix those bulletproof designs easily!

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