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Sending Love Out To Others

I feel very blessed in my life and love to send love out into the world to folks who are facing huge life challenges - soldiers serving our country, those suffering with an illness, and especially children....very dear to my heart.  I have taken part in making quilts and chemo caps for cancer patients, quilts for injured soldiers serving in Iraq, quilts for children living in poverty and most recently pillows to be part of the necessity bags given to mastectomy patients.  In the next year, I would like to take part in making wheelchair and walker bags for a local care home, chemo caps and items for kids at St. Judes Hospital and help some animal shelters.  My mom was crippled as a young woman and my experience with her has inspired me for life to reach out to others and let them know they're not forgotten - that they're cared about and not alone.   My goal originally was to make and donate 100 quilts in my lifetime - but I've already done that so now my goal is 1,000!

Recently there has been so much controversy over political issues it's made me think how much time is spent in heated arguments over causes we feel so empassioned about - but I wonder how much is being DONE by these people.  40,000 children die every day and people feel differently about whether abortion for instance should be allowed.  I wonder what it would be like if all these people did something to reach out and help those - helping at a crisis center, offering childcare to a single parent stressed and struggling, donating clothing, food, and things that could help change someone's life circumstances by reaching out and helping however they're able to.

I've gone around hospital units and chemo beds visiting with patients and delivering quilts to them but last week I had a unique experience. I met my daughter early in the morning to accompany her to a doctor's appointment. She is 24 has fibromyalgia. We met at a sandwich shop and a woman came in asking the staff there to try to run her card through one more time. I looked over and saw that she was obviously homeless and probably mentally ill. She smelled and wore jeans much too large for her, with holes in them where you could see large areas of her skin and her jacket was black on the back probably from sleeping on the daughter always gives money to homeless people and I told her I wanted to help but I didn't know quite how to do it. I didn't want to embarrass her. I took some cash from my wallet and walked over to the table where she was seated and asked if I could buy her lunch today.  She thanked me. A few minutes later my daughter and I were at the counter buying our sandwiches and the lady was behind us in line ordering hers. As she asked for different ladies, the staff there kept telling her that the extras she asked for would cost 30 cents, 50 cents, whatever.  My daughter looked over and said "pile it as high as you want - no problem - we've got it."  It's a very small thing but I felt good that because of this small act this person wouldn't be hungry because no one should be hungry and not have food to eat.  Many folks tithe to a church or group. I tithe to the word through acts like this.....and I would invite everyone to try it. It makes you feel so good inside and it's easy.

Many can talk the talk - but I think it's walking the walk that matters.  I don't want to waste time arguing over anything when I can use that time doing something much more enjoyable and makes people feel loved and cared about. 

If you would like to find out more about these wonderful causes, please visit:

Soldiers Angels - quilts are sent to those who have been injured serving in Iraq

Necessity Bags - these are given to mastectomy patients during their hospital stay

Chemo cap patterns for adults or children (you'll want to use soft fabrics because of tender scalps and fabrics should have some stretch - knits, flannel, weave fabrics, fleece)

Wheelchair caddy - I've purchased inexpensive placemats and folded them in half to form the bag and then added two fabric or twill tape fabric pieces to make hanging loops that close with velcro for arthritic hands.  I just stitched down the center of the placemat and then did a small box bottom. They're quick and easy.

There are so many wonderful causes, teen pregnancy centers and homeless teens - but with all of us helping we could do amazing things!  God bless! ~© 2007 - 2011 All Rights Reserved ~ Graphics for this site by Melanie Lattitham of Sweet Bonny.
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