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What design formats are available? TOP
Designs are available in art, dst, hus, jef and pes formats. Some of my earlier designs are available in more formats.

How do I purchase designs? TOP
To purchase designs, you simply need to click on your selections and go through the check-out process. After making your selections, you will be transferred to the PayPal order page, where you can review your order. Payments can be made via paypal, or you can send a money order after you make your order.

Are your designs manually punched? TOP
Yes, I have manually digitized all of these designs using Embird Studio software to ensure the best quality possible. All designs are also test stitched in a variety of formats to ensure the highest quality.

How are my designs delivered? TOP
After you place your order, you will be directed to paypal to pay for your designs. After that is completed, you will receive an email with download links to download.  Please download your designs and store them somewhere safe.  

Can I purchase designs on a CD? TOP
Absolutely, I would be happy to send designs to you on a CD. There will be an additional $5 cost for this service. Many designs can be fit onto a CD so the cost isn’t any different whether you purchase one set or multiple sets.

What if I don’t receive my designs? TOP
If you have any problems receiving your designs, please email me at and I will immediately email or mail your designs to you depending on which you prefer.

Do you offer refunds? TOP
While I’m not able to offer refunds for designs, I am happy to immediately replace any CDs that are faulty or don’t perform as expected.

Do you offer free samples of your designs? TOP
Yes, I will be offering free designs through my yahoo group so that you can try my designs before you purchase. lots of free designs that you can try without having to purchase anything!. I will keep members posted when new sets are released so that they don’t miss out on anything wonderful!

Do you provide color charts and stitch out information for the designs? TOP
Each design set will be accompanied by a color chart created in Embird giving basic color chart information, stitch count, design size, image and basic design information as well as a color chart. Projects will come with photo tutorials and any information that may be helpful. ~© 2007 - 2011 All Rights Reserved ~ Graphics for this site by Melanie Lattitham of Sweet Bonny.
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