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Need Digitizing?

If you have something that you would like to have digitized, please email me and send a jpg image to show me what you’re looking for. I’ll look it over and let you know if it’s something I can help with and give you an estimate of the time and expense involved.

If for any reason, I am not able to help you, I am happy to put you in touch with another digitizer who can.

I work quickly and can return a design in whatever size & format you’d like normally within 24-48 hours.  

I can digitize:

  • artwork (children’s artwork can be digitized as a wonderful keepsake)
  • business logos
  • a special design you’d like for a wedding/special occasion or an online swap or club
  • personalized designs for your children  – sleepovers, trips, clubs or groups.

Need a design created or someone to embroider items for you?

I work with several very talented artists and commercial embroiderers. I  am happy to put in touch with them as well if you are looking to have a special design created or need embroidery done.






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